Washtenaw ID Design Jam

The Washtenaw ID Project formed with the mission of creating a Washtenaw County ID which would be accessible to those who are unable to get State or Federal IDs, affording them better security, and access to services. Their measure to create the ID card recently passed, and so their goal was shifting from making the ID a thing, to helping people sign up for the ID. As a part of this change they decided to overhaul their … Continue reading

Rainbow Munch Mobile App

Rainbow Munch is a mobile application I have been developing which aims to help users track their consumption of fruits and vegetables without tracking calories or other nutritional content.  There is a space in the marketplace for a product which helps people who are trying to adopt healthier eating habits, but who are not trying to lose weight. The goal for Rainbow Munch is to provide an easy way to track fruits and vegetables consumed, … Continue reading

Quality Assurance for GE Capital

GE Capital

While working for GE Capital’s Quality Assurance Center of Excellence, I did QA work for three projects: Know Your Customer(KYC), Service Now, and COBRA. I took the lead on COBRA and completed the QA cycle for two releases. Process: Reviewed project requirements documents and met with the program lead to understand testing needs. Developed a test plan outlining my test strategy Wrote test cases to cover all Functional, UI and business requirements. Developed formula driven … Continue reading


Architecting a Starbucks/Teavana integration

This was the final exam for my Information Architecture class at UMSI.  We were given a business challenge, and then 3 hours to architect a solution. Problem: Starbucks purchased Teavana and now needs to integrate these products into their current offerings. Process: Understand, Name, Architect My approach to this was first to understand what Teavana meant, and what it meant in relation to the other things Starbucks’ offers.  Next, I sorted these things into two … Continue reading

Needs Assessment for MobiPrize

MobiPrize is a contest for entrepreneurs working in the field or sustainable mobility, which rewards innovative and successful business ideas. After a successful first year, SMART wanted to assess their website in order to make improvements for the coming years. I worked in a team with 4 other students to write a series of reports about MobiPrize’s users and web presence and to offer recommendations for changes in future website iterations. Problem: How can MobiPrize … Continue reading

A Modernist App for Starbucks

Problem: Use Modernist Architectural thinking to architect a website for Starbucks. In order to understand the Architecture in Information Architecture, my class was challenged to architect a web presence for Starbucks which used the ideals of an architectural movement, instead of contemporary HCI ideals. My group were the Modernists. Process: Reasearch Modernisim, then start from scratch We started by quickly surveying Modernist thought and arriving at a shared understanding of what sort of modernists we would … Continue reading

Social Influence in a Shared Kitchen

The graduate student lounge at the School of Information has a communal kitchenette which suffered from the common problems of shared kitchen spaces, not the least of which was a sink full of dirty dishes.  Armed with the knowledge from my “Theories of Social Influence” class I set out to change the way my classmates behaved in a way that would make life better for all of us. Problem: A shared sink full of dirty … Continue reading