Architecting a Starbucks/Teavana integration

This was the final exam for my Information Architecture class at UMSI.  We were given a business challenge, and then 3 hours to architect a solution.

Problem: Starbucks purchased Teavana and now needs to integrate these products into their current offerings.

Process: Understand, Name, Architect

My approach to this was first to understand what Teavana meant, and what it meant in relation to the other things Starbucks’ offers.  Next, I sorted these things into two sections by their general intent and renamed them. Finally, I architected a new website.

Solution: Starbucks Sanctuary and Starbucks Recharge

I divided Starbucks’ products, services and information into two categories, those which were intended to help customers escape from the chaos of life and to feel grounded and connected, and those which were meant to energize them to participate in that chaos.  I named these sections of the business Sanctuary and Recharge.  I architected the website’s navigation so that simple top level categories (Products, Locations, Community, Cards) opened full page menus on hover which were each divided into these two sections.

The sketches I made during the final as well as my written exam are below.

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]


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