Washtenaw ID Design Jam

The Washtenaw ID Project formed with the mission of creating a Washtenaw County ID which would be accessible to those who are unable to get State or Federal IDs, affording them better security, and access to services. Their measure to create the ID card recently passed, and so their goal was shifting from making the ID a thing, to helping people sign up for the ID. As a part of this change they decided to overhaul their … Continue reading

Wireframes for Rainbow Munch

Rainbow Munch is a mobile application I have been developing which aims to help users track their consumption of fruits and vegetables. I think the most important part of making wireframes is remembering that they are a tool which has a different purpose and use than the product they are emulating.  It is important to me not to treat wireframes as their own end product, but to see them as a step in the development … Continue reading