Quality Assurance for GE Capital

While working for GE Capital’s Quality Assurance Center of Excellence, I did QA work for three projects: Know Your Customer(KYC), Service Now, and COBRA.

I took the lead on COBRA and completed the QA cycle for two releases.


  • Reviewed project requirements documents and met with the program lead to understand testing needs.
  • Developed a test plan outlining my test strategy
  • Wrote test cases to cover all Functional, UI and business requirements.
  • Developed formula driven Excel spreadsheets to automate data testing
  • Executed testing and logged defects
  • Communicated defects to developers and worked with them to prioritize the application’s needs and negotiate solutions
  • Wrote sign off documentation when defects had been resolved


  • I prevented the release of a faulty feature in the first release. This feature was a ‘nice to have’ so development initially wanted to release it without fixes, but I was able to demonstrate through multiple failed tests that the feature would reflect poorly on the team if released.  It was held back from the first release and appeared as a fully functioning feature in the second release.
  • I improved data testing coverage by automating testing in Excel. This enabled me to find several data discrepancies which may have been missed using a data sampling method.
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