A Modernist App for Starbucks

Problem: Use Modernist Architectural thinking to architect a website for Starbucks. In order to understand the Architecture in Information Architecture, my class was challenged to architect a web presence for Starbucks which used the ideals of an architectural movement, instead of contemporary HCI ideals. My group were the Modernists. Process: Reasearch Modernisim, then start from scratch We started by quickly surveying Modernist thought and arriving at a shared understanding of what sort of modernists we would … Continue reading

Wireframes for Rainbow Munch

Rainbow Munch is a mobile application I have been developing which aims to help users track their consumption of fruits and vegetables. I think the most important part of making wireframes is remembering that they are a tool which has a different purpose and use than the product they are emulating.  It is important to me not to treat wireframes as their own end product, but to see them as a step in the development … Continue reading