Rainbow Munch Mobile App

Rainbow Munch is a mobile application I have been developing which aims to help users track their consumption of fruits and vegetables without tracking calories or other nutritional content.  There is a space in the marketplace for a product which helps people who are trying to adopt healthier eating habits, but who are not trying to lose weight. The goal for Rainbow Munch is to provide an easy way to track fruits and vegetables consumed, and to provide feedback to help users reach their healthy eating goals.

This app is still a work inprogress, but the steps I have taken thus far can be found below:[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/2″]Ontology

My initial idea for this app centered around sorting fruits and vegetables by color, but what colors do people think their foods are, and do they agree?

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Once I had settled on a way to organize the foods which would be usable, I used Axure to make wireframes of the proposed user interface.

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